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The Observers


“Practically you can name us anything. Address us however you like, whatever do thinking off us, the gist will be is the same. We can be for you gods, angles, perhaps not Earthly being, aliens extraneous’ humanoids; ever whom that thus pleases with. But we are partner of your daily lives. Long since examine with attention the Earth history. Since eons closely watch your planet. Although not only that, we’re observing, watching many lives supporting terrain in the universe. The whole universe our jurisdiction, us it’s to purview. Not merely in your beings as a man we observe, we also analyze your soul, as with psych it, human conduct for behavior to, at nature and what the general life’s. Surely, time to time show good behavior, but certainly other time your men species are failings. That is not criticism or judgment, neither as our function to do it. Only observation! We are there with you; look after to safe guard it’s in case asks us for help. Sometime we do that even without ask us or knowing, in past did the help. Trying to show minimum interference from us in it’s your lives, although sometime must, we have to. We are with you every day! You’re continuously espials the sky and in your own mind as in your soul ferreting, trying to conceive to know to find us. Moreover are waiting for our arrivals. In turn we are ages here or there being before you men appeared on Earth. Partly thank us, your existence. We are in omnipresent (ubiquitous) in truth for us do not have true creature existence. Remote station observer’s identification per way is keeping connection. Sure! Yet that not transparent to you! Them we did not send there, they are earthly born. By them we are seeing you. With their eyes! Do pay attention for your animals!” 



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