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Masked ball


- Hi, lassie! What about it you cry?

- Only just, lost my shadow.

- Well, really?

- Yeah. Now I can’t play without it.

- Why, what are you play with the shadow?

- I did play with my hand animal silhouette show playhouse.

-Don’t bewail about for that! You see neither is I having shadow.

- Gee, indeed! Did you also lose it?

- Don’t even know ever am I had it.

- How can that be? And you’re not lonesome without it?

- Be lonesome? Oh, nope! Just see, around here others to whom missing their shadow.

- Wow! Indeed, until now didn’t even noticed, amazing.They are going also to carnival playhouse show?

- Yes and deed! Everyone some kind of costumes wants to appear in.

- But look just, so many doctor costume. Also emergency career with ambulance and fireman they look very busy, just like in the real emergency happening.

- It’s nothing, only a show. As you’re just like them, going to mascara ball, is not true?

- Oh yes! Home yet I could make dog it, bunny it, also rooster it to. Imagine it had beak and crest to. But I can’t do the practice without my shadow. -- Just about to practice on the zebra, -- as it came suddenly a flash of light, since that can’t play silhouette show.

- It’s no problem! You can be so many another things. Just do wear a different masquerade costumes. Be what’s you never been! You can be anything, anyone! Choose a dress what you’realways that your being wishes to be! Use your fantasy!

- But what Dad and Mam are will say for that? Good chance they will don’t recognize me.

- Don’t worry about that! End of the show anyhow everyone take off the mosque, then at that time they will recognize you. That shall be a good dido’s, you will see!

- Tell me what for you dress to? Will you’re also going to masked ball, for sure? What are those real looking wings and its hovering hoop’s on your head?

- I shall be who help you cross through the road, and you are there in time. Then accompany you, so again newly find your shadow.




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