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Carl Thomas: Észrevétlenül (novella) Translation to poem by Laszlo Viemann: Undetected


Carl Thomas: Észrevétlenül (novella)
Translation to poem by Laszlo Viemann: Undetected

Only it’s eyed her. Admired from distance! Inconceivable
My regard magnetized its being. Grasped me her ramble!
Thirst on she. Want to be move near, that able to touch something
On, and thus least vanishing moment of memory cherish.
But can’t, couldn’t do it, she haven’t known, yet my attention least.
Morns always there stood at bus stop, as pondered seeing her,
When is Sun-rise light sparkle, dancing gracefully on girl. 
Felt the irresistible desire what came to me nearing 
With sneak, sniff her fragment; get by close able snuff the smelling.
But rather didn’t do, lest get startled. In turn so would like, 
If something little momentous between us would of had strike.
Would love to know her better; its thoughts, thigs at feelings about.
And like to experience her touch as it embraces how.
Finding out if it’s she knowing me, then what would be like.
Well then she’s flood with light around, soft enclitic breeze on skin,
And it’s her dangled hair. Yet I in back ground left behind,
In the shades protection, undetected. That goes on still
From distance heed the girl. A cautious moment increased my
Induce, that show her myself from the shadows dimness fog,
And tried reach is to touch the female. Many times remind,
I thinking, what would be? If, walk plainly her give my regard...
Although till end didn’t do, my own decency what, denied.
Enormous distance gaping between us, because she is alive, 
As I’m in turn only from the shadows realm’s to rely. 
The girl it’s only mine singled pride chosen for myself.
Was hoping I will be the one selfishly without extant.
Would be I who it’s shortly will seed her womb bassinet.




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