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Angle from Heaven


 I was in hopeless situation. -- Trying men’s times I went through. Didn’t think, that ever somewhere I can get help, but in secret though I had some hope in it. Asked Heaven in my supplication if sends me someone. Maybe it’s angle. Yet that’s the only help on me now: -- Am waited on and on. Continuously am waited. In it is hopefully. -- But it’s all for nothing. It did not come to.


My mystical supplication even went to God, as bickered, and am waited the miracle. Believed Thy will refer an angle who guide me on my side, -- just once, appear from the sky and extend its right helping hand. -- Did not know, why assume that, I guessed it was my last bastion. -- Although, still it’s not came the help. Didn’t see my long expected protective angel, whom am could count on. Not came down to me with graceful hovering wings, -- that it’s with the charming smile, -- as at touch gives me sedation.


My being horrify from crumbly ruin’s out of staggering, hand to fist pressed with concentration. -- Anxiously to my self-correspond within, -- as in domain my destiny, -- what necessary; -- all the knowledge available, any problem need, it’s to do the solution. -- If jet my angle, well didn’t arrived for me, spied the fact have to do something on my own to stand, as a failure. -- My squeezed fist with, -- begin to feel in myself a new dormant ancient ancestral strength, -- that peace of mind felt god and its power radiated through me even went to reach my sole.


In my left hand’s from the Hell’s, -- aroused all power through deriving pain, with that triumph single-handed alone and became repellent. - In my right hands the Heaven’s all virtue; the niceness, the beauty as wisdom, these are things life’s joy gift to me. -- The sudden flash of realization came to as magnums new wave succeeding ideal and revitalized I.


As dumbfounded, and all of suddenly light up, clearly could see round of me everything. -- Defoliated from me all qualm and weakness, what’s until now it’s shackled. -- I know leaved all far behind my manly fear, what up to it resultant profound belief fed. Shake down my deceiving misfortune what crowded while it’s ruled the mind, then I conquered my daemons as winner triumph over of them. -- My whole being out in open I’m seeing it not in haze. -- Revealed itself at the end, was there all the time, but until now I didn’t know.


Any sky view or higher point am can contemplate thus see the world around of me. -- My view differed. -- Can draw now as it’s comparison with true new self-aiming. It burst out from me what always expected from me myself. So it’s derived the long waited yearn. Although angle didn’t came from Heaven. -- Was with me whispered in my ear, only didn’t recognized the sort where from originate. Knowing it make me free. Now I’m can cast my wings lest, filled me with joy, like step out in to the light. - Spread toward the sky my Engle’s wings…


Translation by Laszlo Viemann: 11:31 PM 4/24/2014




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